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Trees August 27, 2009

Posted by AndyBoi in Sims 3, Story, The Sims.
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Luna came home to everyone standing around the beautiful apple tree Ramunas had grown.


No one noticed Jan had been standing there. Being a party animal, she wanted to see what all the fuss was about.


Janelle had just moved in from Riverview, where the parties weren’t large, and the people were just too boring for her. Partying about a tree didn’t interest her, so she left after greeting them all.

Jan had a job interview with the Little Corsican Bistro, and there she met Scarlet. Jan was thoroughly not impressed with that guys corn rows, and Scarlet thought she was making the face at her.


After the guy passed, she quickly explained that she wasn’t making the face at her, but Scarlet wasn’t sure.


Janelle sincerely apologised and informed Scarlet that she had to scurry to her interview.


Pamela and Scarlet moved into Jan’s new house. Pam made a salad while Scarlet did her homework. Jan didn’t come home immediately after the interview, so when she got home everyone was in bed. In the morning, Pam asked how her interview went, and Janelle said that she would start work today.


And with all her procrastinating, turned into now.


Janelle seemed to be thinking more about her lifetime wish to be super popular than her new job as a kitchen scullion. Scarlet was at the bistro reading a book when she got there.

Meanwhile Pamela resumed her job at Doo Peas corporate towers. She didn’t really consider it a job, though, because she’s a workaholic.



Scarlet is still reading at the bistro well after Jan has left work.


Then Jan gets a crazy idea.


She wants to visit the cemetery.

Screenshot-115There she meets a ghost girl and has quite a conversation.


Pamela tries to sneak up on a sleepy ghost.


Which doesn’t work out well because his wife notices and they go on about how they died. Pamela didn’t enjoy this because she was very hungry. Moving on, she was on her way home when she met a ghost that looked curiously like Ron.


Upon talking to him, however, it was not. Pamela begged her sister to come home. Down the road, they saw blue and red flashing lights. A burglar had broken in, and the alarm went off. Pamela was relieved that the jerk was caught.


A/N: Hello readers, I would like to tell you that my husbands birthday was yesterday, so I did not have time to update. 🙂 Happy 21st Ron! I love you! ❤



1. hilyer - September 2, 2009

Still loving the story! Happy bday to your hubby!

2. whyhello. - August 28, 2009

Happy birthday to him, and great post to you!!

3. celara - August 27, 2009

Hope you and Ron enjoyed celebrating his birthday!

4. Breegan the Freegan - August 27, 2009

Happy Birthday to Ron!!!!!

Great post by the way.

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