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UPDATE 2017: This blog was created a long time ago, when I was between 17-18 years old and my life wasn’t too great. A lot has changed since then, I am no longer in a desperate place. However, if you’ve enjoyed the story, consider sticking around for more future projects! The Sims 4 is out and I’m thinking about making a new story based on my save!

Unfortunately, for this story, I had lost most of the pictures on my old Mac’s HD when it got corrupted. The one I was using to play this with. So it’d be difficult to continue unless I found a backup somewhere!

I’m keeping this as a history of things I’ve been through.


Currently I am on food stamps and medicaid.

We only make $600/mo more than half of which goes to rent ($505). The other $ gets quickly drained by the cost of gas, laundry, and utility bills. We no longer can buy things like garbage bags, soap, detergent, light bulbs, etc. We can’t even take a shower more than once a week or less because our water heater costs too much to use. Sometimes all there is to eat is sardines and crackers and some water.

I’m asking you, the reader, for a little help. Now granted, you’re saying there is gov’t help. There are subsidized places to live, but they are the creepiest of crawlies here. I am really afraid of being murdered in those areas. I’ve been in those apartments once with a friend to watch her get her lip pierced and some guy was smoking pot and waving a gun around with four kids running around and breathing the smoke and crying. I really don’t want to live there. Plus I can’t afford to pay out the rest of my lease or break it and go to court.

Can’t I just press shift+control+C in my life and type in motherlode?

Maybe you can donate 10 cents. Maybe a dollar to help us with the cost of laundry. Maybe five to buy me a loaf of bread. Or if you don’t have electronic means, you can email me at [deleted] and you can snail mail me some change.

I’m not asking for a lot, and I really really don’t insist that you do it at all. Just, if you feel that you can, it would be great.

I now have proof of name (most of it I blocked out for safety), state, marriage, and paystub. I provided marriage license and copies of our licenses to prove we’re married so that you don’t think his paystub is a random one.*

If you’d like, I will make you a video, showing you my papers, me, where I live, my animals, the laundry room with prices and what’s going on. Or you can add me on yahoo [deleted] . I can show you that I own this blog, my husband, anything you need to prove this isn’t a scam.


I am now Paypal verified. I didn’t have a bank account before because that was one of the main reasons our money was going down the drain. Bank of America was sucking the money into a vortex of overdraft charges and daily fees.

Now we’re trying to be extra careful with that.


Official PayPal Seal


1. Madi - September 26, 2009

Gosh she got it from her parents when she moved out. She said that like TWENTY times now!!!

Madi - September 26, 2009

That was an answer for Mackenzie

Luna - September 27, 2009

Thanks for clarifying for me. :O
Yes I have stated it a bunch of times, but no one listens. XD I haven’t spent my money on anything but bills. 😦 There isn’t any leftover to spend, lol.

2. Alice - August 29, 2009

I hope that you don’t have cable television, cell phones (have 1 landline or 1 pre-paid cell phone with no texting or data “extras”) or internet access (at home – go to the public library!). These are all luxuries. Selling your computer equipment (and other game systems, if any) and games is a good idea. Sell the movies or books that you REALLY don’t love. Take public transportation. Don’t eat out, even McDonalds. Buy generic everything. Don’t be too prideful to take the simplest, low-paying job with a pain-in-the-ass boss. Don’t buy ANY new things, except essentials. Don’t go to the movies or spend money on entertainment (free concerts in the park, scenic walks, free TV). Unless, you are doing all of these things, please do not claim that you can’t afford soap or light bulbs and can’t shower as you are choosing not to afford them. If you ARE in fact doing all of these things, then you truly cannot afford simple essentials and I would consider donating to you. I am not being mean. It’s just a reality check. Being an adult and making it on your own is difficult. I have been there myself and speak from experience. You may also want to consider going to college (community or 4-year). The government has revamped their loan programs to make paying back loans much less painful, and they cover tuition and some living expenses (even off-campus), and you’ll increase your lifetime income potential.

Luna - August 29, 2009

I don’t pay for any of those you listed. I am going to college, so my mom is paying for the internet (very cheap, no gamer 16mb luxury crap, the cheapest dsl you can find). She likes to keep in contact with me because she’s upset that i moved out, so she bought me magicjack for a home phone. I do not pay for this, one year of service comes with the product.

Second thing, I don’t have anything left to sell. I only brought the things that I had when I lived with my parents, I haven’t bought anything new. I don’t watch movies, they are a one time deal. Watch them once, never again. We don’t eat out unless someone pays our way. My mom and her friends do this occasionally.

Third, I have been looking for jobs. I have applied to best buy, barnes and noble, mcd’s, burger king, kfc, target, wal-mart, toys r us, babies r us, UPS, walgreens, hot topic, gap, old navy (I did this when they were hiring, too). They discard my application quickly. I’ve never gotten a call back. I believe this is because I have no experience at all whatsoever. I have two references, but this was for short term babysitting and believe me, I have been looking. I also am not in their age range, as they require you to be at least 18. While my birthday is coming soon, I am hard pressed to find a job at my age.

I haven’t bought anything new, as I believe I’ve stated. I don’t have the money. I would not even be able to pay for any of these services. I would be stupid if I tried to pay 20 dollars a month for cable when we only make 100 to spend. Obviously this is a ridiculous idea, even for the dumbest person. We are responsible for the heat/electric, the rent, and renters insurance. (This would be stupid not to have, as it’s obviously cheaper to have than to replace everything in the incidence of theft, fire, water damage, etc.)

Now, like I said, I am not dumb, and I am doing all the things you have stated. I would be stupid to spend my money on luxuries, but I don’t. I don’t use any transportation now, since it was stolen. That was paid for too, before I moved out. I do have a car, but I don’t drive it, and it’s not insured. We can’t sell it though because it’s a storage place for my husbands tools that we can’t bring inside. Our apartment doesn’t come with a shed like some, so we must use the car to keep things in. We also can’t sell those things because he uses them for his job.

Also, I am going to college. I did apply to the FAFSA and got money from that, but I cannot use it because my school is not on the list. I also cannot get a loan because 1. the banks are not accepting new schools at this time (their official statement) and 2. I have no credit, and my husband has very little and does not think getting a loan is in our best interest. My parents believe that I can get by on only gov’t money for college, and will not co-sign for a loan, if there were a loan that my school was on.

I am going to school with Penn Foster College for graphic design.
I wanted to go to Westwood, or Pennsylvania Art Institute, but my parents chose the cheapest school because they didn’t want to pay 30,000 or get a loan for me to go. So penn foster it was. It is an online school. I chose this route because I will be travelling when my husband can get started with an expedited shipping service, so I couldn’t go to a traditional school as I would be gone for 2-3 weeks at a time. I chose an online school so I can go with him and study on the road.

We did have a plan, and we’re still working on it and getting ever closer to it. I am not planning on sitting on my butt for the rest of my life in some trashy trailer park using up gov’t money and having 10 kids to get tax money. I didn’t plan to get kicked out, but it happened, so we’re making the best of it. Right now we’re trying to get enough money to fix his parents van so we can get on the road and start life.

Luna - August 29, 2009

I just re-read what i said about college, and I’d like to clear up that they chose to pay for Penn Foster because a year is only around $1,500, whereas Westwood, the college I chose was 30,000, and since they are in debt to their necks, they chose the former, since no loan was needed. That’s what they had in the bank for my college savings, plus the cost of the supplies.

3. Luna - August 26, 2009

And another update! He started his new job today…

On his birthday 😦 But at least he has one now! πŸ™‚

4. sld48gem - July 24, 2009

I know your pain. While I’ve not had to deal with a pay cut I too was forced out of my parents home. I’m not married but I do live with my fiance.

I didn’t read anywhere what you did for work, might I suggest working at a movie theater. The hours are good to work around school and if you clean theaters you sometimes find cash people lay behind…its what I do and one day I found a $10 bill, it was used almost immediately on necesseties that had been put off but I’m almost always guaranteed a quarter or two which sometimes helps out more than one would expect. It would proabably only be a minimum wage job but some theaters have benefits like free movies so that alone might be something enjoyable to look into. Its also a good place to start with job experience if you don’t want to go the route of fast food.

Luna - July 25, 2009

That would be a great idea if they only were hiring right now. They’re all filled with high school students for the summer. That’s why I haven’t found a job.

5. Chelsea - July 17, 2009

I wish I could donate,I dont think it’s a scam but sadly im 13 too. I believe everybody deserves help but my mom wont let me donate for thinking it for a fake too.Though i cant help i’ll keep you in my prayers.

-Chelsea πŸ˜‰

6. Krizia - July 17, 2009

OMG!!! thats so sad!!! im sorry i cant give u money,and i dont think its a scam i understand there is people out there on food stamps and more im so sad becuase im only 9 and i cant give u money!

Godd bless you and take care,Krizia

7. 9panic - July 12, 2009

Have you thought of changing the job?

Luna - July 12, 2009

Yeah, we’ve been looking and he’s applied to several different jobs, but all positions are filled.

We’re waiting for our birthdays to come and we’ll have more job options then, but for now, everything sucks.

8. Sayoni - July 11, 2009

Mackenzie’s right, getting this game wasn’t the best choice for you. Neither was getting a dog and a cat you can’t take care of. I’m only 16 and even if I didn’t doubt your story at all there’s no way I can help. Good luck and great blog though.

Luna - July 11, 2009

If you’re still skeptical, I do have proof that you can e-mail me for.

I never said you had to help, so it’s okay, and I’m glad you like my blog.

At least I’m providing entertainment instead of sitting on the street with a cup and a sign. πŸ™‚

saw - July 12, 2009

No offense to you but. you say you have pretty much no cash yet you can have a dog, cat and a 50 dollar Sims 3 game. I`m not saying this is a scam, im just saying you should be more careful with your money.

Good luck!

Luna - July 12, 2009

I did post a fairly long reply stating that I didn’t spend my money on TS3. Nor did I spend money on my animals, I inherited (by means of allergic parents) them and do not have the heart to give them away. 😦

9. Mackenzie - July 11, 2009

Sadly, I’m only 13. So i can’t do much to help you except for exerting my sympathy. But right now, you don’t need guilty sympathetic people…you need real help. If i was old enough to make my own choices I would give you $600. But, knowing my mom, if I showed this to her she’d think that this was some type of scam-or as she likes to call it-“fake” donation. But you know what? I don’t even care if you don’t need any help at all and this really was a trick. Cause $600 would help out any person. And it would make me feel good to give out $ to others.

Best of luck,

Mackenzie πŸ˜‰

Ps: How are you able to afford a $50 game and a computer that’s powerful enough for it??

peachypassionfruit - October 13, 2009

Do you have any friends working? Could they possibly give you a reference at they’re job? Friends references usually work for getting a job if you have no real experience with one.

If paypal worked for debit, I would Most certainly Donate, Unfortunately all I do have is debit.
And I dont really trust the post office, b/c When I sent money through before it was stolen. Which sucks. *grrr*
I promise you, once I get a visa or other credit card of some sort I will donate πŸ™‚
Good luck!

Luna - October 13, 2009

Paypal does work with debit, as far as I know. It is a pre-paid debit, or one with a bank? If it’s one with a bank, it will work, you can just use your account and routing number, and it will register your checking account (which usually goes with a debit card.) Otherwise I don’t see why I debit card wouldn’t work, it works just like a credit card. Back when I had a babysitting job, I used my debit card when online things asked for credit, it just runs it as credit.

Ha, yeah my friends aren’t able to find jobs either. Two of them work for the school cafeteria at Michigan State University, one lives in Rhode Island, she was going to work at Bank of America, but they didn’t call her back for an interview. It’s tough for anyone! We’re workin our butt off to lower our costs, too. We’ve turned off the gas heat pilot light cause our apartment doesn’t pay for heat like other ones do. We’re working on trying to transfer to the partner complex that pays for gas (so free heat).

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