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Too Soon August 14, 2009

Posted by AndyBoi in Sims 3, Story, The Sims.
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Jonas lives at Pamelas house with Scarlet, and he’s tired of using just a benchpress. Since he lives so close to the gym now, he feels like going to it. He wants to work out for five hours straight until he’s fatigued. Jonas heads over, and realises it’s almost curfew. A cop pulls up and tells him he must go home.

Screenshot-44As soon as the officer gets out to pull him in the car, the clock strikes and Jonas grows up. He had completely forgotten it was his birthday.

Screenshot-45 Jonas quietly rejoiced that he could still train in the gym, and no longer had to go to school now that he was a young adult. He headed in the gym and enjoyed the fit atmosphere. He wasn’t sure what he wanted to do, so he headed upstairs and did some cardio in the dance room. After a short time, it broke. He thought he could fix it, because his new skill was handiness. However, he was sweaty and tired, so it didn’t work well. He got shocked.

Screenshot-46 Jonas was persistent and tried again to fix it, but this time, he was electrocuted. He fell to the ground, dead. The grim reaper then came and filled out his death certificate. Jonas was now a yellow ghost and his urn was in the middle of the dance floor.

Screenshot-47 The people who witnessed it were horrified and tried to find contact information. Someone called Pamela and she rushed to the gym and picked up his urn. She then buried it in her yard, next to the pond. It was here she grieved alone.

Screenshot-48Scarlet soon came and grieved for her dear brother.

Screenshot-49She was so upset, she woke up several times during the night crying.

Screenshot-50 Scarlet called Ron the next morning to come over.

Screenshot-51She didn’t break the news until he got there.

Screenshot-53Pamela couldn’t go about her daily regimen without thinking about poor Jonas. She only knew him for a short time, but he was still a good friend.

Screenshot-52 Luna didn’t want to leave the children alone, but came later to mourn Jonas.




1. celara - August 15, 2009

Awwww…so sad. 😦

2. Alice and Kev Fan - August 14, 2009

OH NO!!!

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