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Life Goes On August 14, 2009

Posted by AndyBoi in Sims 3, Story, The Sims.
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In spite of the tragedy at hand, life must continue. There are two birthdays today. Ramunas seems to beat his older brother to it.

Screenshot-64Ramunas is a child now, who thinks very fondly of art.

Screenshot-66 Lukas, downstairs, is blowing out his candles.

Screenshot-67 Although it is also Ramunas’ birthday, Lukas blows the candles out by himself.

Screenshot-68 Now he’s a teenager and he’s gained the artistic trait. He looks angrily at Ramunas who shares his birthday and his trait, but says nothing.

Screenshot-69 When everyone is having cake, he mumbles something about art to himself, and ignores Ramunas the whole time.


After thats over, Luna goes over to Pamelas house to talk with her about Jonas. Pamela is very hungry and tired, and she interrupted her in the middle of cooking.

Screenshot-74However, Pam is clearly upset about Jonas and she talks about him.

Screenshot-75Pamela tells Luna it’s too late, and to talk to her online tomorrow. Luna looks her up online and talks to her in the morning.

When they talk, Pamela expresses her sorrow and wishes she could fix it. This makes Luna feel slightly better.

Screenshot-76 Luna then decides it would be best to rummage through Pams garbage for anything of Jonas’.

Screenshot-77Then she sings a song for Jonas. Pamela hears it and comes outside. She expresses how beautiful a song it is.

Screenshot-78 Luna goes home after spending a long day chatting about Jonas and wakes up the next morning to find Pamela harvesting the apples Ron planted.

Screenshot-81 Luna doesn’t mind, but wonders why she is over. Forgetting she was in her undies, Luna goes outside and talks to her. First, Pamela had to check out how that car was doing.

Screenshot-95 Then she proceeded to talk to Luna about music, and asked if the rumour going around town about Patrick was true. Luna boasted loudly that he was even living with them.

Screenshot-96Luna told her that she didn’t want to prance around in her front yard with her skivvies on and must go in and get dressed. Pamela mentioned that she had to go anyway, but left with a very jealous look about her.

Luna got dressed and wondered what that was all about as she watched the cooking channel on the new TV. She realised that this was the first time she actually watched it.


Concurrently, Patrick had just gotten off of work, and felt like jamming in front of the theatre.

Screenshot-93 Then he changed his mind and decided to play for tips–which didn’t go so well because there were no people around.




1. Sara - September 25, 2009

First Comment!! Wow so much drama

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