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Changes August 4, 2009

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Luna didn’t forget about Scarlet wanting to drive, so she finally found the perfect car on the internet. She called the number and said she was coming tomorrow to look at the car. Luna took a taxi over and looked at the car in the driveway. It was very early in the morning, but that didn’t stop her from trying to contact the lady. Then she came out of the house and talked with her for a while. Luna learned her name was Pamela, and she seemed like a very nice lady. As soon as she was about to drive off with the car, Pamela asked if she knew anyone around here that would be a good personal trainer. Luna raved about her son being athletic and how he always wanted to train someone, so she gave her Jonas’ number.

Luna drove the car over to Patricks house, and called Ron to inspect it.


Jonas soon had a job as a personal trainer.


Scarlet often came with him, just to get away from the chaos that was home. One night at Pamela’s house, he asked if she knew anyone they could stay with, since money was tight.


Pamela didn’t mind the two staying at her house, since she had a small extra room on the main floor they could stay in.

So Jonas announced the news to Ron, who was okay with it. He didn’t really mind, as long as the kids were getting food and shelter and were safe. The first thing Jonas wanted to do at Pamelas house was use her excercise machine.


Jonas liked to train everyone, any moment he could.


Pamela went to the school the next morning to inform them of Scarlet and Jonas’ new bus stop.




1. Sara - September 25, 2009

First Comment!! Wow now they move in with Scarlet and Luna moves in with Patrick.

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