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Couches and Cuddles July 25, 2009

Posted by AndyBoi in Sims 3, Story, The Sims.
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Luna made a habit of visiting Patrick every night after his performances and Patrick worked up enough courage to put his arm around her.

Screenshot-75It was then he realized the sweat and awkward sounds coming from the mix of leather pants and leather couch that he excused himself to take a shower. Patrick came back and ¬†told her how much he admired her, but he really wanted to say more. At least his jeans and armpits weren’t embarassing him anymore.

Screenshot-77 He knew he wanted to go for it, so he did; but it was Luna who beat him.

Screenshot-78 It didn’t seem ironic to him at the time that his music was on the radio. Patrick didn’t know she put the CD in, either.

Screenshot-79It starts eyes closed, to fingers crossed

Screenshot-80To I swear, I say

Screenshot-81To hands between legs, to “whatever it takes.”



1. Sara - September 24, 2009

OMG!!! Theres a frickin big window right there! He can see through the window!! Also above the bed theres 2 big windows. TROUBLE I SENSED IT!

2. HAB - July 27, 2009

OOOOH! Ron’s gonna be ANGRY!

3. niltiac1206 - July 25, 2009

NOOO! What about Ron and Luna’s overly-large family?

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