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Stumped July 20, 2009

Posted by AndyBoi in Sims 3, Story, The Sims.
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Scarlet wanted to celebrate her birthday earlier this year because she’s excited about learning to drive.



How was she to drive when she didn’t have her own car? Luna and Ron decided to buy her a car for her birthday, but they knew it would take a while before they found the right one. Until then, she can practice with the Tofunda wagon.

A new neighbor arrived on the block. Someone completely unexpected for the small, middle-class area. Everyone noticed, but being the hermit-types that Ron and Luna were, they didn’t want to meet the stranger.

Patrick wanted to get away from the hassle of the movers in his new house. He decided to go to the park he passed on the way and play his guitar.


He played for tips and donated it all to charity. Later in the afternoon, he wanted to meet his neighbors and that, he did.


He was completely unaware that the woman he just met has had a crush on him for years. Being a rockstar, sure, he knew some people must, but not his neighbor. He never would’ve guessed. Luna invited him in and gave him a tour of the house. When he followed her into the bathroom, she made a flirtatious joke towards him. He blushed and seemed to brush it off. He had lunch with them and then went home and practiced a song for tomorrow’s concert.


Patrick almost forgot about the meet and greet at the bookstore and showed up slightly late, but the fans were still pleased.



The next day after the concert, he heard a knock on his door and found it was Luna. He was happy to have a guest, so he let her in. She stood in the doorway and semi-awkwardly talked about music. She learned Patrick was a virtuoso too, and they went on about musical theory and composition. He was glad to make a friend and have someone musically talented to chat with.


Then she flirted again. Screenshot-74

Patrick found himself liking this, but before he got a chance to return the flirt, Luna got an urgent call from Ron about taking care of Lily. Apparently he couldn’t figure out how to empty the potty chair. Luna apologized and ran home, leaving Patrick stumped. So he went back to jamming…with more enthusiasm than usual.




1. Sara - September 24, 2009

No pics of Scarlet as a kid 😦 oh well. This seems to be turning into some troublesome cheating. Bad Luna No No! NO ROCKSTARS FOR YOU!! omg it sounds like I’m talking to a dog. LOL!!!!!!!!!!!

2. Celine - July 31, 2009

“…leaving Patrick stumped.”


Luna - August 3, 2009

Of course!

3. randomness123 - July 27, 2009

oh my… this is my first time posting! keep it up

4. HAB - July 24, 2009


5. Flo - July 22, 2009

I don’t get it – who’s Patrick?

sld48gem - July 24, 2009

I think patrick is the new neighbor who just happens to be famous. And by the looks of it Luna seems to forget shes in love with Ron when shes around him….I sense trouble up ahead

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