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An Introduction June 28, 2009

Posted by AndyBoi in Sims 3, Story, The Sims.
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This is Luna a.k.a. me, the narrator.


Luna is a neat, family-oriented couch potato with a hint of virtuoso.


She’s also a Computer Whiz and in her spare time, she likes to write.


One lonely day surfing the internet, she happened upon a curious individual. His name was Ron. Luna thought he was extremely attractive and used her stalking powers to find out where he lived. It turns out she didn’t need them because he lived right across the street. She knew she must meet him as soon as possible. So, after a (long) good nights sleep, she went over and introduced herself. Time flew by, and Luna learned that Ron was also family oriented. So they started talking about their family.


It got late rather quickly and Luna invited Ron to come over the next day. Ron agreed, and Luna was so excited she could barely sleep. The time came when he finally arrived.


Luna shyly welcomed him to her home. Ron noticed the stereo was playing his favorite song, so he invited her to dance, although it looks more like he was trying to grab her chest.


As they were having more and more fun, they danced closer together.


Time went by too fast and Ron had to go home. Luna sadly said goodbye, but hoped she would spend more time with him tomorrow.



1. sld48gem - July 24, 2009

Is this story sort of a spin off of your own life? I only ask because I met my fiance through myspace and though instead of thinking he was cute I thought he was a bit creapy (he kept asking to hang out and meeting internet friends was a no no for me) but then it turned out he lived a few houses a way so we met up at the park at the end of our street.

Luna - July 25, 2009

Well, kind of. He was my ex-boyfriends best friend, and he’s a technophobe (no, in real life, I never made him in the sims) so I managed his myspace for him and his friend added him, at that point I thought he was a typical guy. His myspace said “I want to meet hot chicks… O I mean girls with a nice personality n stuff.” To which I thought, “Ugh, typical stupid jerk.”

Then of course my ex would talk about his adventures with him all the time and once when I was playing guitar hero he asked whether I would er ‘woohoo’ with Ron and I absentmindedly said yes. Of course I went ew to myself and later had to check out what I hypothetically said yes to. I looked at his picture in the larger version and I immediately blushed. He was hotter than I thought. Then I looked over his profile more and discovered he was a Virgo like me and we had the same taste in music and possibly more. Then we met when he and my ex came over to watch a rented movie. Of course, before we met, I asked my ex to nonchalantly ask him if he would ‘woohoo’ with me. He didn’t answer… but I sent him a message and found out the answer was yes. Then I guess they were talking on myspace and my ex dared him to call me and do the “grudge” sound, but he just called and said “The answer to your question is yes,” and hung up. Ah… the memories.

2. saw - July 12, 2009

pretty good although they arent a match

Luna - July 12, 2009

How so? No one in real life is ever a perfect match, either.

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